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EMF Radiation


Here are some useful tips to prevent from Cell Tower RF radiation:Shielding a home from cell tower radiation is reasonably straightforward compared to magnetic field shielding.Ideally, you want to create a continuous, highly conductive enclosure around the home. Any areas that are not conductive, even cracks under a door will most definitely allow harmful radiation to leak in. However, in a home environment, total radiation elimination may not be required. About a 90% reduction is required to reduce harmful health effects.Depending on your needs after you have measured with an HF35C or HF32D meter, there are several suitable materials to...

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Our Low-Frequency EMF meters can be used to determine the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming from nearby power lines. EMF meters can measure emissions at varying distances and at different times of the day. These devices measure radiation in milligaus units, which indicate magnetic field strength. A reading of 0.5 milligaus or more falls within dangerous levels of radiation emission. Test the levels with our LF meters or book an appointment with us just to be sure. Chances are if you can see the transmissions lines from your window, then it is having an effect on your health. To add...

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EMF Shielding Window FILM

Question? I am planing to apply adhesive shielding film to my window, I was advised though that it is real difficult, any hints?which film is the best for the price?thank you Answer The RF Shielding window films that we are using are either the RDF72 or the WF32H (Currently out of stock). The shielding effectiveness is 99.94% (32db) and the light transmission is 72%. In the link http://www.emrsss.com/shielding-film you can find the RF Shielding  window film and the additional accessories for a successful installation.It is hard to understand the installation steps from written description, therefore, we are referring you to a...

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ROUTERprotect is a protective attenuator for WLAN router devices, or in other words, your Wi-Fi Router! This special dynamic technology that we have been developing and testing for few years reduces the pulsing peak signal for 5-20 times, while never interfering the Internet signal. You can even customize it to all kinds of vertical omni antennas in terms of achieving the highest level of protective effect while having fastest wireless signal, taking into account the conditions in which the data transfer takes place.We have also ensured that this device works to decrease the negative effects of Tablets as well. Once...

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Cellphone Danger? Protect Yourself with Mobiprotect!

Embedded in the Mobiprotect case is our patented shielding material that will protect your body from your cellphones harmful radiation. Cellphones emit high frequency radiation that can cause a range of harmful and uncomfortable symptoms. It attenuates the high-frequency non-ionizing radiation of the cellphone in stand-by mode and during conversation, and protecting the mobile device from physical damage. It also does not hinder incoming or outgoing signals! Enjoy the use of your cellphone and carry it on you

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