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LATNEX HF-B8G: The EMF Meter You Need for Home and Work

EMF EMF Meter HF-B8G HF/RF Latnex


The HF-B8G is a powerful RF meter utilizing the latest technology to measure high-frequency (HF) or radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields.

It features a 3-axis antenna for more accurate real-time measurements. Capable of measuring HF and RF electromagnetic field strengths in the frequency range of 10 MHz - 8 GHz, the HF-B8G is ideal for detecting cell towers, Wi-Fi, radar signals, cellular and cordless phone signals, Bluetooth, smart meters, microwave oven leakages, and other wireless communication devices and applications. 

This meter is the only one of its kind using a triple-axis measurement sensor in its frequency range capabilities, with a sampling rate of 2.5 times per second. Additional features of the HF-B8G include: digital clock and calendar functions, an alarm setting, and a memory storage capacity of 200 individual data sets.

With its sensitive frequency measurement system and high dynamic range, the HF-B8G RF meter is perfect for use in the professional field as well as ensuring EMF safety at home.

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