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Free Shipping on Select Items

Radblocker EMF Shielding Pocket Card

$ 14.00

Not just a card, a lifesaver

The RadBlocker™ card buffers between you and your cellphone while it's in the pocket and blocks the cellular radiation that is emitted by your mobile device.


  • Deflects Between 60%-100% of EMF Radiation away from your body.
  • Compatible with 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G, WiFi & Bluetooth.
  • Compatible With ALL Mobile Phones
  • Non-Toxic Metals
  • Works in any pocket! All you need is one Smart&Safe Shielding card – move it to any pocket where your phone is.

How does the RadBlocker card work?

The RadBlocker card is made of military-grade materials as aluminum-silica and ferromagnetic Steel. The RadBlocker shielding card should always buffer between your body and your mobile device. Just like a mirror, it reflects radiation from your mobile phone away from your body, keeping you Smart&Safe.

Can I place the RadBlocker card on the back of my mobile phone cover?

NO! if you place the RadBlocker card on the back of your phone, it will reflect radiation back towards your head. ALWAYS needs to buffer between you and your mobile phone while in your pocket.

Package contains
• 1 RadBlocker™ Shielding Card 


Length: 7.5cm Height: 13cm
Length: 3 Inches Height: 6.4 Inches