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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)

Air Tube Headset Anti EMF Radiation - ProTubeZ

$ 31.00
The New Generation of Radiation Free headsets is FINALLY Here!

ProTubeZ® - Radiation-blocking air tube headset blocks 98% of your cell phones radiation emission to your head. 

Cell phone radiation exposure increases when using wired hands-free headsets.

Care about your family and loved ones? – Don't stay unprotected, order an air tube headset today.  FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.

Improved internal components, mainly the casing and especially the audio drivers, have been redesigned to improve sound and acoustic capabilities. The result is a new standard in Air Tube Headset technology. Radiation-Blocking and Quality Sound have a new name; ProTubeZ.

The new ProTubeZ is now even better:


98% radiation blocking headsetReduces Dangerous Electromagnetic Radiation by up to 98%

AirTubeAirTube - The New Premium Quality silicon hollow Air-Tubes are incredibly durable with a soft acoustic sound that will amaze you

Pinch2MutePinch2Mute - The enhanced new hollow tubes bring you the Pinch2Mute feature: mute your music or a call by merely pinching the tubes.

New SpeakersNew speakers with a fantastic HD sound like you have never heard before.

 The new Receive / End call button with embedded HQ mic

 3.5 pin3.5mm pin - Sounds awesome with all Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players and anything that has a universal 3.5mm connector.

 Magnets"Wear around neck" feature - extra strong magnets 


Sensitivity  110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz
Frequency Range
20 Hz—20 KHz
Resistance 16Ohm ± 15%
Rated Power 3mW
Capacity 5mW
Lead wire length ( not for Bluetooth ) 75cm – 100cm


Package contains:

• 1 ProTubeZ®  air tube headset
• Three pairs of changeable ear buds