MS-155F Magnetic Shielding

Product Description

MS-155F Magnetic field shielding foil is s a very thin, easy to cut and to handle even for the amateur shielding foil used  for screening any static or alternating magnetic field. It is highly flexible, sturdy, frost proof, rot proof and non corrosive. Especially developed for shielding alternating magnetic fields caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, electronic circuits etc.up to 30MHz. Also works at permanent DC magnetic fields like earth magnetic fields, magnets etc..  MS-155F flexible magnetic field blocking foil allows shielding electronic circuitry, appliances and their chassis against magnetic interference even in highly sensible areas such as control centres, etc..

The price is per linear meter.

MS-155F Magnetic Shielding Foil Features:

  • Frequency range: DC to 30MHz
  • Damping factor:5-7
  • Saturatuion flux density: 0,8T
  • Screening material:Nickel/iron alloy, so-called Mu metal, isotrope
  • Carrier material:Nickel/iron alloy, so-called Mu metal, isotrope
  • Colour: Silver
  • Width: 155 mm
  • Thickness:0.1 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.1 kg/m²