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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

RF Explorer ISM COMBO+ is a powerful, high-performance digital spectrum analyzer covering the 1GHz frequency range starting at 50KHz to 960MHz and 2350 to 2550MHz for scanning the 2.4G Hz band.

Comes in a luxurious LATNEX Aluminium carrying case that protects your RF Explorer device while keeping all parts and components organized.



  • Internal LNA amplifier and selectable attenuator in the sub-1GHz band.
  • Low frequency support from 50KHz covering LF, MF, HF, VHF and UHF up to 960Mhz
  • High frequency support for 2.4GHz band starting at 2.35GHz and covering up to 2.55GHz.
  • New HELP and SET buttons to improve user interface and configuration selection with 2-clicks
  • Excellent performance to diagnose and generate signals in the 2.4GHz ISM band.
  • Wide band coverage to all popular sub-1Ghz bands, including FM, TV and DTV, ISM, RFID, GSM, etc.
  • Ideal choice for HAM bands from 160meters to 33cm.
  • Pocket size and light weight
  • Solid metal case
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes
  • High capacity internal Lithium battery for 20hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB


  • Frequency band:
    • Left connector: 0.05 – 960MHz
    • Right connector: 2350 – 2550MHz
  • Frequency span:
    • Left connector: 0.1 – 960MHz
    • Right connector: 2 – 85MHz
  • Internal selectable LNA 25dB gain with the left connector
  • Internal selectable Attenuator 30dB with the left connector
  • Signal generator covering up to +11dBm output power with the right connector.
  • Wifi Analyzer for the 2.4GHz band
  • Graphics LCD 128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors
  • Backlight for great visibility indoor
  • Internal Lithium Ion 1800mA/h rechargeable battery
  • Standard SMA 50 ohms connector
  • Wideband 144/433MHz dual band telescopic antenna included
  • UHF 400-900MHz rubber duck articulated antenna included
  • 2.4GHz whip antenna included
  • Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm
  • Dynamic range: -125dBm to 10dBm
  • Absolute Max input power: +30dBm
  • Average noise level (typical LNA): -125dBm
  • Frequency stability and accuracy (typical): +-10ppm
  • Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-2dBm
  • Frequency resolution: 1Khz
  • Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 2.6Khz to 600Khz

What is a Spectrum Analyzer

A RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer is a specialized device that can detect highly sensitive signal radiation, identify signal interference, optimize antenna settings, detect signal leakage, and locate hidden bugs, among other capabilities. The combination of small size, high sensitivity, and rugged design makes it the ideal instrument for indoor and outdoor measurements. When linked to a computer, it may be controlled by a free software that includes high-resolution images, data storage, and reply features.

When linked to a PC, the RF Explorer provides enhanced capabilities. Its multi-platform software, along with its API libraries, is open-source and supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS X operating systems. This ensures flexibility and accessibility across different platforms. The software is available for free download.

Who Utilizes a RF Explorer?

RF Explorer is a versatile device used by a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts in various fields. Some of the key users include:

  1. Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers: RF Engineers use RF Explorer devices for spectrum analysis, signal monitoring, troubleshooting in telecommunications, wireless networking, and radio frequency design.

  2. Radio Operators: Ham radio operators utilize RF Explorer devices for frequency analysis, antenna tuning, and monitoring radio spectrum activity.

  3. Education and Research: RF Explorer devices can be used in academic institutions and research laboratories for teaching RF principles, conducting experiments, and analyzing electromagnetic spectrum characteristics.

  4. Audio and Video Production: RF Explorer devices are used by professionals in audio and video production to scan for available frequencies, avoid interference, coordinate wireless microphone systems and other wireless audio/video equipment.


RF Explorer Application

Wireless Network Analysis

The RF Explorer can be used to analyze Wi-Fi networks, discover signal strength, channel congestion, and interference sources. This is beneficial for improving Wi-Fi performance in congested areas or diagnosing connectivity difficulties.

RF Emission Compliance Testing

The RF Explorer can be used for basic RF emission compliance testing to ensure that electronic devices comply with regulatory standards for electromagnetic interference (EMI). This is particularly relevant for manufacturers or developers of electronic products.

RF Spectrum Monitoring

RF Explorer devices can be used for general RF spectrum monitoring, allowing you to detect and analyze various signals in the environment. This is valuable for identifying unauthorized transmissions, detecting interference, or monitoring for potential security threats.

RF Explorer Plus Frequency Coverage Chart

Add On Accesories For RF Explorer ISM Combo+

SLIM Holder

This custom-made, high-quality holder is an ideal addition to your RF Explorer SLIM model, offering both protection and pleasant viewing angles at the workplace.



Near Field Antenna Kit

The RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit consists of four high-performance antennas suited for the most demanding RF diagnosis tasks:

RFEAH-25: H-Loop magnetic 25mm diameter
RFEAH-15: H-Loop magnetic 15mm diameter
RFEAH-5: H-Loop magnetic 5mm diameter
RFEAE-10: E-Field stub 10mm length

Power Limiter

All RF Explorer devices have input signal power ranges that might cause damage. Most models have a limit of +5dBm, while some can handle up to +10dBm, but only the WSUB3G (as well as the RF SMA connection on the right side of a 3G Combo) is protected up to +30dBm.


Comparison Chart 6G Combo WB+ 6G Combo+ 4G Combo+ ISM Combo+ WSUB1G

Frequency band

15MHz – 6100MHz (15-7500MHz with Wideband license)

50KHz – 960MHz / 240MHz – 6100MHz (up to 15-7500MHz with Wideband license)

50KHz – 960MHz / 240MHz – 4000MHz (up to 15-6100MHz with Wideband license)

0.05 – 960MHz / 2350 – 2550MHz                                                                            

0.05 – 960MHz                                                                                                                      

Internal selectable LNA

25dB gain

25dB gain with both connectors

25dB gain with both connectors

25dB gain with the left connector and 12dB on right connector

25dB gain

WIFI Analyzer

2.4GHz and 5GHz bands  

2.4GHz and 5GHz bands

2.4GHz Band  

2.4GHz Band  

Requires Expansion Board

Dynamic range -125dBm to 10dBm

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