Rad Blocker Anti Radiation Micro Safe Green

How does it work?
MicroSafe™ Microwave Radiation Shield contains high conductivity aluminium layer, reducing radiation emitted from the Microwave device by up to 78%.
MicroSafe™ Microwave Radiation Shield provides maximum protection at the highest radiation emitting area of the device – its front door.  Protects you from various types of radiation ELF/RF/THERMAL/EMF

•       Reduces radiation exposure by up to 78%
•       FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
•       Easy to apply
•       Great Design

MicroSafe™ comes in two universal sizes:
Large – Long 36cm (14.5 inches)
Height 23.5cm (9.5 inches)
Small – Long 30cm (12 inches)
Height – 19.5cm (7.5 inches)