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RF/EMF Spectrum Analyzers Bundle: HF-4040 V3, NF-3020, HyperLOG 7040

RF/EMF Spectrum Analyzers Bundle: HF-4040 V3, NF-3020, HyperLOG 7040

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This set contains RF Spectrum Analyzer HF-4040 and EMF Spectrum Analyzer NF-3020. HF-4040 is a professional device to detect high frequency radiation and analyze frequency spectrum in the range between 100MHz and 4GHz. It is designed to detect electromagnetic radiation - EMR emitted by cellular antenna and cellular networks. Frequency spectrum is displayed on the digital screen. It provides the capability to analyze and process the results in real time. The device comes with PC connection and software for spectrum analysis. The free analyzer software, which is available for MAC OS, Linux and Windows, transforms this device into a powerful measurement solution with great features (e.g. recording, multiple window display, histogram, waterfall diagram, unlimited number of markers, enhanced limits display etc.). Antenna HyperLOG 7040 is included. Spectrum Analyzer NF-3020 is EMF spectrum analyzer for low frequency range. Affordable solution to measure electric and magnetic fields. It is equipped with Aaronia award winning REAL 3D (isotropic) magnetic sensor and a field plate sensor to measure electric fields. Simultaneously displays frequency and signal strength. Includes 12Bit Dual DDC Frequency Filter. The set comes in high-value aluminum carrying case. Accessories are included.

RF/EMF Analyzer Features:

Spectran HF-4040 V3
  • Frequency range: 100MHz to 4GHz
  • Amplitude: -90dBm to 0dBm (typ.)
  • Lowest sample time: 100mS
  • Accuracy: +/- 3dB (typ.)
Spectran NF-3020
  • Frequency range: 10Hz to 400kHz
  • Magnetic field (Tesla): 1nT to 100µT (typ.
  • Magnetic field (Gauss): 10µG to 1G (typ.)
  • Electric field: 1V/m to 5.000 V/m (typ.)
  • Accuracy: 5% (typ.)
HyperLOG 7040
  • Frequency range: 700MHz to 4GHz

For further information please see the detailed description of each item.

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