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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

Earthing & EMF Protection Sofa Cushion for Low Frequency Radiation

by YShield
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$ 109.98
$ 39.99 - $ 119.08
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Crafted with precision and innovation, this sofa pillow provides protection against harmful low frequency EMF radiation, as well as conjunction of the body with the earth, known as Earthing.  The cover is 100% cotton and includes a pillow. 

Technical Specifications
- Size: 45 x  45 cm / 60 x 40 cm 
- Delivery contents: Sofa cushion including pillow with 1-2 ground connection points
- Color: White with a silvery checked pattern
- Raw materials: 95 % cotton, 4 % polyester, 1 % silver
- Weight: 130 g/m²
- Conductivity: 15 Ohm / 100 cm

Earthing - Correct grounding:

  • You will achieve the best and "most natural contact to earth" by inserting a grounding rod GR-40 into the ground, in front of your house. Alternatively, use a grounding plug GX for socket outlets.
  • Rods or plugs are connected with grounding cables GC. The most suitable for grounding plug GX are short cables e.g. GC-500. For exterior use with grounding rod GR-40 you will have to use 1–2 longer cables GC-1000 plus cable distributor GC-E.
  • Silvered hook and loop fasteners are sewed onto the product. For connecting cables GC with the hook and loop fastener, you will need the Velcro plate GV.
  • Important: Under bad conditions, electrical fields (bedside lamp, clock radio, etc.) will couple on and will worsen the situation. We recommend a measurement analysis with a LF-meter (e.g. ME3030B).

Fabric Care
- Wash at gentle cycle 30°C 
- Ironing without steam at degree 1 
- No drying in tumble dryers 
- No bleaching 
- No chemical dry-cleaning