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EMR Meter Set HFEW59BD

EMR Meter Set HFEW59BD

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Product Description

This EMF meter specializes in the analysis of 27MHz to 10GHz. It splits the extra-wide frequency response to 2 devices and has been in practice in particular for the analysis of the upper frequency range as they remain hidden often among the dominant mobile and DECT frequencies.

HFEW59BD Features:

  • The frequency response includes amateur radio, radio, TV, TETRA, the usual mobile services, DECT, radar, including the densely occupied band 8.5 to 9.5 GHz and both WLAN bands, WiMAX,and everything in between!
  • K2 plastic case for safe transport of the measuring equipment and antennas.
  • The attenuator supplied DG20_G10 be used for both analyzers.

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