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Free Standard Shipping on All Items (USA and Canada only)
Free Standard Shipping on All Items (USA and Canada only)

ES100 Grounding Rod

$ 94.80

Product Description

The Grounding Rod ES100 offers the possibility to connect to other grounding components and groundable products. Grounding is usually not possible if there are no TT or TNS networks or not enough “clean” earth for a ground connection. But with the ES100 Grounding rod, you simply hammer the rod into the grounding earth outside a building as a solution! The integrated press socket can be direct connected to our grounding cables (EK1000) to supply a grounding plate ESW inside a building. Also, a 16mm2 cable can be connected with a cable lug directly to the exterior grounding set ESA.

Grounding Rod ES100 Features:

  • Stainless steel rod (t-form), length 100 cm (for permanent mounting)
  • 2 connection points (press socket for cables EK, M6 screw for own grounding cables)
  • Heat shrink tubing with a glue inside to seal the connections waterproof after mounting
  • Several cable lugs and cable straps