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ESI 23 Electrosmog Detector

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The ESI23 detector can easily identify and evaluate electromagnetic pollution in the environment, at home or at work. This is currently the only device on the market capable of detecting both the electromagnetic fields High (GSM, UMTS antennas, WiFi, DECT, radio waves and TV, microwave ovens, baby-phones, etc. ) and Low Frequency (domestic electricity, 50Hz, high voltage power lines, etc.).

This sensor is equipped with a highly sensitive antenna, which make recognizable electric fields, magnetic fields and microwave, thanks to the principle of signaling LEDs.

The different field strengths are represented by the three colors red, yellow and green, accompanied by a sound intensity. The detector indicates five different states, ranging from "neutral" stage (low exposure) to "higher" (high exposure).

In short, the ideal device perfectly nomad, to put in the pocket to find high levels of radiation and low frequencies that you face.

• It helps to identify internal and external radiation.
• It identifies polluters devices inside and radiation penetrating inside.
• Optimal use at home or workplace.

A powerful tool, accessible and usable by all!

Simultaneous measurements:

• Magnetic fields
• Electric fields (high frequency radiation)
• Microwave fields and mobile phones

It is possible to save the measured values ??when the screen is not visible. 

. Optical and acoustic indication of measurement results
. Acoustic indication: With the increase in value, the sound frequency also increases
. Optical indication by using light-emitting diode
. Finish the measurement values: contacts using a 8-bit Controller
. Food: a square 9 volt battery
. Running time: approx. 10 to 15h in constant service (depends on the battery)
. Reference measurement according to green building standards for bedrooms (SBM-2008).

Why ESI 23 detector?

With the arrival of new technologies and communication tools electromagnetic fields generated by them have increased significantly. Because of the proximity is mainly in cities that this phenomenon is observed among both private individuals in companies.

Just like asbestos or lead, the high concentration electromagnetic pollution is harmful to health. Several European studies demonstrate health effects such as electro-sensitivity, disease recognized today by WHO The disparity in standards in Europe questions, several countries such as Sweden and Austria, have not hesitated to take concrete decisions (reducing the level of exposure) to reduce public exposure.


The ESI 23 allows for:

. Easily assess the concentration of electromagnetic pollution low & high frequencies.

. Find sources through an antenna 180 and a "beep" alarm.

. Establish a precautionary distance required with polluters devices.

. Facilitating the direction of connecting without bipolar switch lamps with an integrated tester to the device.

User manual