RF Explorer 6G model

Pocket size and light weight

• Solid aluminum metal case

• Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes

• Lifetime free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features

• High capacity Lipo for 16hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB

• Windows PC client Open Source

• Wide band coverage to all popular RF frequencies in the 6GHz range, starting at 4850MHz and up to 6100MHz.

• Firmware: RF Explorer 6G is delivered with upgraded firmware v1.12. Note some of the features and operation accuracy will be improved in upcoming lifetime free firmware revisions.


Frequency band: 4850-6100MHz

• Frequency span: 112KHz - 300MHz (can extend to 600MHz with any expansion module connected)

• Graphics LCD 128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors

• PC Windows client supports Windows XP/Vista/Win7 both 32 and 64bits

• Backlight for great indoor visibility

• One standard SMA 50 ohms Spectrum Analyzer connector : 4850-6100MHz

• Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm

• Dynamic range -105dBm to -15dBm

• Absolute Max input power +25dBm

• Average noise level (typical): -105dBm

• Frequency stability and accuracy (typical) +-0.5ppm

• Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-3dBm

• Frequency resolution: 1Khz

• Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 58Khz to 812Khz

• Size: 113x70x25 mm


 RF Explorer User Manual