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Free Shipping on Select Items

Silvered Hook and Loop Fastener

$ 59.99


For sewing re-closable openings in canopies, mobile pockets, shielding bags, EMC tents, SilverCloth clothing and much more. This product is suitable for all shielding fabrics and nettings. Due to the full silvering the surface is consistently conductive with a good resistance even over the gap! Ideally, the fasteners are sewed up with our silvered sewing yarns. The reverse side is without any glue! Please note that the hook tape and the loop tape are sold separately!

Technical data

Width: 16 mm / 30 mm

Length: Available by the meter

Highest quality from Germany due to the following certifications, approvals: ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2000

Surface conductivity: 1.3 ohm (square resistance R?)

Material: Polyamid with a 99 % pure silver plating

Durability: Approx. 5000 x opening and closing

Temperature resistance: 90 °C

Discoloration of Silver

Something that other suppliers keep quiet about: This product is made of silver that will discolor over the time! Stained places have no negative effects on the screening attenuation and they are no quality defect!