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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)

Smart Fieldmeter Digital Model RFP-05M

$ 3,200.00

Electromagnetic field monitor having flexible and expandable architecture, state of the art design with convenience and simplicity for users on a budget.

Isotropic 3-axis probe with advanced design meter measuring the RF field strength. Multi-probe unit with built-in recording capabilities. 

EMC testing for CE, MIL and industrial EMC qualification. RF field strength monitoring for health, safety, and industrial or military environmental
control. RF compliance testing of active transmitters: TV, Cell Towers, Radio and
other industrial sources. RF monitoring of MW ovens and other industrial
power RF applications. Scientific and medical research of biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog.


The versatile EMC test lab in your hand. Meter supports up to four different probes and stores the results on the removable memory card. Has auto ranging, auto zeroing, alarm and performs time and spatial averaging. Fully adjustable data logging with time and GPS position stamp. Bidirectional link to a PC with wired optically decoupled or fiber optic connection. Flexible and upgradeable architecture.

Frequency Response 

Specified by the probe type. Supports all electric field probes (10 KHz- 60 GHz), magnetic field probe (500 KHz-50 MHz) and electric pulsed field probe (100 MHz-18 GHz). Deviations are specified by frequency correction factors. 

Field Range: 0.2V/m-1400 V/m

Additional Equipment

Not required for normal operation. Field Gauge® is included. ODLK PC link kit, IM Insulated Modem, FOLK-02 and GPS-R receivers are available as an option.

Calibration: United Kingdom NPL traceable.

Warranty: 1 Year 

Made In: EMC Test Design, LLC USA.