EMF Protection Caps

Shawn EMF ExpertDec 17, '15


We are exposed to many different sources of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) in our day to day lives, such as cell towers, power lines or WiFi signals. Although this radiation is invisible, tasteless, and odorless, it can nonetheless have serious health consequences with frequent and continuous exposure. Numerous scientific studies have linked overexposure to EMR to sterility in men, damage to fetuses in pregnant women, and the development of various cancers.


This cap is created from specialized materials designed to protect the brain from absorbing this harmful radiation, and is custom-sewn to prevent any gaps which the EMR may slip through. This ensures that your head is completely shielded; even the brim is made from these radiation-blocking materials! To top it all off, the hat sports a very fashionable design and looks like a typical baseball cap. This allows you to wear it at home, work, out in public, or anywhere else you may go. The cap is also 100% made in Canada.




  •          47dB average attenuation (99% shielding)
  •          Internal fabric certified Oeko Test Class 100 and 1000
  •          Raw materials: 89% Cotton, 8 % Copper, 2% silver, 1% Lycra
  •          6 Panels and Sloped Front, fully protected from EMF
  •          Stylish, looks like a typical baseball cap
  •          100% made in Canada

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