EMR Shielding Solutions Blogs

How do I reduce my Laptop EMF Radiation?

Shawn EMF ExpertOct 14, '20

With the advancement of technology and the current pandemic that is affecting all of us around the world, many employees find themselves working from home and on our own laptops to get work done.  Therefore, we are constantly exposed to the EMF emitted from our laptops and desktops, in this...

What are the Safe Levels of EMF?

Shawn EMF ExpertSep 16, '20

This blog is about the safe levels of EMF, what's considered as safe levels for high and low frequency electric and magnetic fields.

Available Now! Face Masks for Sale made with High-Contents of Silver

Shawn EMF ExpertAug 26, '20

This blog is about the face masks we currently sell and will be selling that contains high-quantity and high-quality silver.

Is Wi-Fi an EMF? How to Measure & Protect from Wi-Fi EMF Radiation

Shawn EMF ExpertAug 14, '20

This blog talks about ways to minimize exposure to Wi-Fi EMF Radiation.

How to Protect Your Home and Yourself from Smart Meters

Shawn EMF ExpertJul 27, '20

This blog discusses ways to protect from smart meter radiation, why they are used and what solutions we have for its emf effects.