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  • Product Efficacy as Demonstrated in EMF Paint RF-IE50 Video
    September 30, 2023

    Product Efficacy as Demonstrated in EMF Paint RF-IE50 Video

    This summary provides a clear understanding of the context regarding a video about the RF-IE50. Although stumbled upon unintentionally, the video is linked on our website as it showcases a fundamental test for assessing shielding effectiveness. The RF signal strength of -80 dBm, used in the video, is relatively low. Despite the lack of specialized testing environments and equipment, a notable signal reduction is observed after applying paint, albeit not as high as indicated in technical data sheets. The video also highlights a cap, underscoring the importance of appropriate fabric selection due to direct skin contact. The WOREMOR fabric used offers an attenuation level between 25-35db. The signal reduction might be inconspicuous due to the initially low signal and non-ideal testing conditions, but both products, the paint and the cap, work optimally with higher signals, presenting significant reduction levels. The document also includes general guidelines for interpreting WiFi signal strengths and their impact on communication quality and reliability, emphasizing the role of other factors like noise and interference in communication systems.
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  • EMF Free Toys
    February 5, 2021

    EMF Free Toys

    Nowadays most of the play and learning activity conducted by children are in front of a computer or mobile device. We would like to suggest EMF free toys and learning kits that are radiation free and serve the same purpose....

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  • How to Reduce EMF Radiation from my Wi-Fi Devices
    December 8, 2020

    How to Reduce EMF Radiation from my Wi-Fi Devices

    We must learn to adapt and live smartly with Wi-Fi around us. In this blog, we will recommend several solutions in which people can reduce EMF radiation emitted from their Wi-Fi network and thereby reduce the risks associated with Wi-Fi radiation.  

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