Shielding Materials and Clothing are 5G EMF Compatible

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EMR Shielding Solutions - RF and EMF Protection, Shielding Solutions and Electro-Magnetic Meters

Based in Toronto, EMR Shielding Solutions specializes in materials for shielding against EMF and RF radiation. We also offer a number of different meters, spectrum analyzers and measuring equipment for detecting these electromagnetic fields in both high and low frequencies.

Many of our customers are homeowners looking to protect themselves from various nearby sources of EMF and RF radiation, such as cell towers and WiFi and Bluetooth devices. We also serve numerous clients from a wide variety of industries, both in the private and public sectors. Some of these include defense (e.g. Navy & Air Force), production line manufacturers, aerospace engineering, Department of Justice, and federal investigations.

Aside from shielding against EMF radiation and providing EMF Protection solutions, we additionally sell products used for checking communication signals, WiFi and network optimization, sound measurement, measuring electromagnetic interference (EMI) in circuits, and eliminating magnetic interference in food production lines.

We strive to serve you to the best of our ability, and to offer products that are both affordable and efficient. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we guarantee to make your shopping experience with us as enjoyable and care-free as possible.

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