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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.
5G EMF Cell Towers Antenna

At EMR Shielding Solutions,

Discover comprehensive EMF and RF shielding solutions, tailored to meet the needs of private clients, professionals, and companies. Our advanced technologies provide the right tools to measure and analyze EMF and RF signals, enabling us to effectively shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
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I am very impressed by EMR Shielding Solutions. They are a local Canadian company that I have purchased a number of products from. The merchandise is of excellent quality and they have customer service to match with very quick shipping. What is especially impressive is their incredible selection of EMF products. The clothing is very comfortable and high standard. I also love my EMF lap desk. It is durable and functional. I am looking forward to ordering more products from EMR and have fun browsing my future purchases. Thank you!


Fantastic store/website! I recently ordered the WOREMOR EMF 5G Protection Canopy, It arrived at my home about 4 days later! When I placed the order I called the store for help and the service was top notch - friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The quality of the canopy is amazing. It works exactly as I hoped it would (life saving).I highly recommend this store.

John Mccarthy

I finally have the peace of mind I was searching for. The staff at EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions in regards to EMF safety. I walked out with a number of various products that will ensure my home is a safe spot to work including clothes and laptop trays. You can even test the products in the store! I highly recommend this place for anyone interested in protecting themselves or their family from EMS radiation! The products work.

Kasia Torres

We visited the showroom in person and were greeted by the owner and he helped us learn about the different products and levels of protection. He allowed us to muscle test each item to determine if it was a good fit personally. Important for someone who is seeking to improve their health. He demonstrated the meter with wifi and EMF with various blocking material.
We are so grateful for the knowledge and professionalism of this company and will definately be buying more from them in the future.

Teresa Beckett

Highly EMF sensitive people may be helped by their items. I most like the steel gray fabric blanket and head scarf for affordability and the gloves for handling my phone. I see a big difference in better sleep, less headaches and fatigue by wearing shielded clothing.

Krystal O'Connell

I went to their store in Woodbridge to have a hands on experience with the different fabrics, etc. The owner and staff were very helpful and highly knowledgeable re everything to do with EMF. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Thank you so much for sharing so much with my friend and I.

Inga Bertelmann

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  • Product Efficacy as Demonstrated in EMF Paint RF-IE50 Video
    September 30, 2023

    Product Efficacy as Demonstrated in EMF Paint RF-IE50 Video

    This summary provides a clear understanding of the context regarding a video about the RF-IE50. Although stumbled upon unintentionally, the video is linked on our website as it showcases a fundamental test for assessing shielding effectiveness. The RF signal strength of -80 dBm, used in the video, is relatively low. Despite the lack of specialized testing environments and equipment, a notable signal reduction is observed after applying paint, albeit not as high as indicated in technical data sheets. The video also highlights a cap, underscoring the importance of appropriate fabric selection due to direct skin contact. The WOREMOR fabric used offers an attenuation level between 25-35db. The signal reduction might be inconspicuous due to the initially low signal and non-ideal testing conditions, but both products, the paint and the cap, work optimally with higher signals, presenting significant reduction levels. The document also includes general guidelines for interpreting WiFi signal strengths and their impact on communication quality and reliability, emphasizing the role of other factors like noise and interference in communication systems.
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