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Hey everyone,We've been receiving questions on how people can avoid EMF exposure in their everyday lives, here are some tips:-Sit an arm's length from your computer terminal.-Don't let your children play directly under transformers or transmissions lines.-Turn off your electrical appliances when you are not using them. This means unplugging them!-Be aware of the levels in your home and whether or not you live close to cell towers or transmission lines or any other sources of EMF's.-Be sure to shield your home if after measuring with a meter, high levels of EMF are indicated.Does anyone else have any helpful tips...

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Here are a few strategies for Shielding various parts of your home from EMFs whether you are shielding a home in the process of being built or an already existing one.Breaker box:Your breaker box is a source of Low-Frequency (LF) magnetic AND electrical fields. You need to shield from BOTH types of radiation. If you are in the process of building a home, you can begin shielding from within the walls. Our Shielding Fleece, HNV80, shields from LF and HF electrical fields. To complement this, you should also use MCL61 Shielding Film to block the magnetic fields; this way both...

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Introducing the new Latnex MG-300 Gauss and Magnetic Field Meter!

When buying a new home, it is extremely important to be aware of the levels of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that is being emitted, both inside the house and in the surrounding area. Common sources of EMF radiation include electrical transmission equipment, power lines, and certain household appliances (such as refrigerators and air conditioners); some houses are even built on top of electrical lines. Long-term exposure to this kind of radiation can lead to a variety of health problems, and even some forms of cancer. It is therefore crucial for both future homeowners and real-estate agents alike to be able to...

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Sleeping Safe at Night

Many people have difficulties sleeping at night; some suffer from headaches, some from insomnia, while others simply feel restless and will toss and turn for hours before they fall asleep. One possible reason for this may be that electronic devices in your house are emitting EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation. Since our brains and nervous systems run on electrical impulses, this kind of EMF radiation can interfere with their normal functions and thus prevent a regular sleep cycle. Below is a brief checklist that you can use to avoid this and sleep better at night: - Ensure that RF (radio frequency)...

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Safe Use of Cell Phones

Cell phones have completely revolutionized our world and our daily lives, allowing us to stay connected with nearly any person on the planet, 24/7, at the mere push of a button. However, a growing concern with many scientists and health professionals is the increase in radiation exposure that constant cell phone use can cause us. All mobile phones emit some level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) when they send or receive signals. Many researchers have concluded that frequent absorption of this radiation can cause a host of serious health problems; most notably, it acts as a cancer-causing carcinogen. “A lot of...

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