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Grounding Accessories for EMF Painted Walls, Fabric, Meshes, Pipes, Blankets 

Many shielding products should be grounded or must be grounded! Our professional grounding accessories can serve as a base for these grounding measures. 

Please note, grounding must be done by a licensed electrician.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice.

Suggested grounding accessories for different grounding applications:

  • Walls painted with EMF Paint such as the 5G EMF paint RF-IE50- this type of application should use the following grounding
    • Grounding Strap WM-EB2 - this copper strap is conductive on the top side, therefore it must be applied prior to painting.
    • Grounding plate WM-GW
    • 200cm Grounding Cable WM-GC200 or longer.
  • Baseboards painted with EMF Paint such as the WOREMOR paint RF-IE50 - this type of application should use the WM-GB and one of the WM-GC cables. For example WM-GC100.
  • External Paint application such as an external wall of a building painted with EMF Paint such as the 5G EMF paint RF-IE50 - this type of application should use the WM-GE to ground the paint. Instead of grounding strap, you should use the AF3 Fiber Additive. To connect between the grounding elements use the Grounding cables WM-GC. In some cases when clean earth needed, a licensed electrician might decide to use grounding road as the new ground for the paint. For example the WM-GR grounding roads. 
  • EMF Curtains, Canopies made, blankets from conductive fabric such as Silver Tulle -  this type of application should use the WM-GM magnet plate or in some cases where there is a conductive velcro on the fabric, you can use the WM-GV grounding plate. Another option is to use WM-GS plate, however, in order to install it, you need to do a small opening for the screw on the grounding plates.
  • Fabric that applied for pre-construction applications. For example applying the FL-100 fabric inside the walls between the frame and drywall or under the floor(hardwood, laminate, tiles) floor - this type of application should use the WM-GS with one of the WM-GC cables.