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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

RF-IE 50 EMF 5G Shielding Paint

EMF shielding paint designed to Eliminate EMF Waves

The WOREMOR RF-IE50 EMF Paint offers highly effective shielding against high-frequency electromagnetic fields, low-frequency electric fields, and RF/Microwave signals.

The paint is black in color and can be over-coated with regular paint for aesthetic purposes, making it versatile for interior and exterior applications on walls, ceilings, floors, doors, frames, and baseboards, as well as on the exterior surfaces of a house.

  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Reduces 99% of EMF, with shielding attenuation up to 44 dB in a single layer, 53 dB in double, and 60 dB in three layers.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: Easily applies to various surfaces without special tools. A user-friendly alternative requiring no professional skills.

  • VERSATILITY: Can be used indoors and outdoors, overcoatable with regular paint for aesthetic flexibility, unlike metal sheeting or fabric shields.

  • EFFECTIVE COVERAGE: Offers a continuous EMF barrier with a 5L container covering 37.5 sqm (400 sqft), superior to patchwork solutions like fabrics or panels.


This is a pure silicate paint based on potassium silicate. It does not contain toxic solvents, plasticizers, or any other toxic ingredients.

The paint offers almost constant attenuation, without preferred direction of polarization, for frequencies of up to 18 GHz. Perfect shielding against future developments of the telecommunications industry in the higher Gigahertz range is guaranteed.


Who Utilizes EMF shielding paint?

EMF shielding paint enables individuals and organizations to mitigate exposure to electromagnetic emission for various purposes:

  1. Residential Shielding: Homeowners use EMF shielding paint to reduce exposure to electromagnetic signals from sources like Cell Towers, Bluetooth devices, Smart meters, and Wireless routers, promoting a safer living environment.

  2. Wellness: Individuals sensitive to electromagnetic fields can utilize EMF shielding paint to create shielded areas within their homes, minimizing symptoms associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

  3. Equipment Shielding: Miscellaneous facilities and research laboratories apply EMF shielding paint to protect sensitive equipment from electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate readings and reliable results.



For interior applications use

  • Grounding Strap (GSX10)
  • Grounding Plate (GS3)
  • Grounding Cable (GL-200)

Primary sources of High Frequency EMF

5G Cell Towers and Cell Transmitters

Applying paint to walls that face cell towers can significantly lower EMF exposure, offering a quick and efficient method of shielding.

Smart Meters

Painting the wall with a smart meter prevents its wireless signals from penetrating into the room, effectively blocking transmission from entering the living space.

Wireless Routers and modems

Painting the wall significantly reduces EMF by blocking wireless signals from entering the living area.

Electrical Wires

Once the paint is applied onto the walls and properly grounded, it will reduce the electrical fields emitted by the wires.

EMF Paint: Revolutionizing Industry Standards for Electromagnetic Shielding and Privacy

RFID Interference

EMF paint blocks RFID signals, aiding retailers in preventing unauthorized scanning of RFID-tagged items. Applied on store walls and sensitive areas, it disrupts RFID readers' radio waves, enhancing security and customer privacy. This solution is key for retail stores aiming to protect against RFID interference and manage inventory securely.

Tech Companies

Constructing shielded rooms or enclosures for testing electromagnetic compatibility or interference in electronics manufacturing and testing.

Information Security

Shielding sensitive data and electronic equipment from electromagnetic eavesdropping or interference in military installations, government facilities, and corporate offices.

Academic and Research

Applying EMF shielding paint in laboratories or research facilities to shield from electromagnetic interference.


Grounding Information

Paint must be grounded due to surface level conductivity!

For interior, we recommend the grounding strap GSX10 plus grounding plate GS3 and the GL-200 grounding cable.

Incorporate our paint into homes, offices, and indoor/exterior environments and promote overall well-being and peace of mind.

Grounding Strap Grounding Plate Grounding Cable AF3

Grounding Accessories

Ready for EMF Shielding Paint

Please be aware that AF3 serves as an alternative to the grounding strap. You won't need to utilize the grounding strap if you incorporate AF3.

  • The AF3 must be mixed into the second coat of EMF shielding paint
  • Use 90 ml of the additive for each 5-liter bucket.