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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

Our EMF 5G Radiation Protection Scarf STU is a stylish accessory crafted from specialized fabric designed to reduce electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices, providing effective protection against EMF exposure.

Provides EMF Shielding

  • Our Shielding Scarf STU is designed for ultimate shielding against various sources of electromagnetic fields, including microwaves, RF, Bluetooth, and EMF from cellular networks like 3G, 4G, and 5G. Feel confident knowing you're protected wherever you go.

Made with Premium Quality Material

  • Crafted in Canada with certified Oeko Test Class 100 and 1000 materials, the WOREMOR EMF Scarf employs sewing techniques to maximize shielding effectiveness. This high-quality accessory is dedicated to blocking electromagnetic fields (EMF), reducing exposure by 99% for ultimate peace of mind and shielding.

Modern Design and Ideal Size

  • With a sleek modern design and dimensions of 54" long x 13" wide (137 cm * 33 cm), this scarf seamlessly combines style with functionality, making it a must-have accessory for the modern individual

Easy Fabric Care

  • Keeping your scarf pristine is effortless. Simply wash it at a gentle 30°C cycle for continued protection without compromising quality. Avoid ironing, tumble dryers, bleaching, or chemical dry-cleaning to maintain its effectiveness.


EMF Reduction by 99%

From electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, computers, cell towers, smart meters, power lines, and wireless signals.

Full TüllX Fabric

Knitted nylon threads plated with silver offer a combination of durability, flexibility, and conductivity. The silver plating provides antimicrobial properties, reducing bacterial growth and odor, making it ideal for applications in healthcare and active wear.

Prevents odor and skin irritation

This fabric enhances hygiene, prolongs garment freshness and reduces the need for frequent washing. It also promotes better overall skin health and minimizes allergic reactions caused by irritation or microbial growth on clothing.

Numerous ways to style it

Mitigating the effects of EMF

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge EMF shielding clothing to empower consumers in mitigating the effects of EMF from the daily sources.

A thoughtful and unique gift

Our meticulously designed garments not only offer a shield against electromagnetic fields but also make for thoughtful and unique gifts for various occasions.


Prioritize your well-being with our EMF shielding clothing, a perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

WiFi Modems, routers, and Bluetooth devices

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity individuals claim to experience symptoms they attribute to EMFs. They may choose to wear EMF shielding clothing to reduce their exposure.

Electronic Devices

With the increasing use of electronic devices, individuals seeking shielding from cell phones, smart watches, wireless headphone, laptps, computers and so on, incorporate EMF shielding clothing into their daily attire.

Cell Towers

Certain professions may involve exposure to high levels of electromagnetic emission, such as electricians, engineers, or individuals working in close proximity to electronic equipment. They wear EMF clothing as an additional precaution to minimize exposure.


Concerned Individuals living in urban areas with high levels of electronic device usage and wireless technology may choose to wear EMF shielding clothing to reduce their overall exposure.

Comparison Chart EMF 5G Radiation Protection Scarf -STU EMF 5G Radiation Protection Scarf EMF 5G Radiation Protection Scarf - SG EMF 5G Protection Infinity Scarf - Silver Elastic

EMF 5G Shielding







50 dB

42 dB

35 dB

50 dB

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