3 years ago
I shielded my bedroom
make sure your sleeping area is totally EMF free
I am sleeping just over my  main electric panel and over all the cables passing under my bed
I have bought very inexpensive shielding material from EMR Shielding Solutions and placed it under my mattress
I also had 2 light dimmers just near my head to operate the reading pot lights above the headboard - I added a switch on the feeding line below my bed, shielded it and I can now turn off all the electricity near me when I go to sleep....
this was about low frequency but I have also a neighbour radiating me with his wireless Internet router and a nearby cell tower, so I bought also shielding for that, I could have painted the walls and shielded the window, instead I bought shielding fabric which I could just hang up and cover all the walls and window, this is a quick solution if you want to move and take the shielding material with you
I reduced the radiation nearly to zero... it's a good feeling when I know that my body can rebuild and fix all the damages at night from the daily exposure on the streets or at work