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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.



All prices apply to delivery without installation or assembly ex works, excluding packaging. Otherwise, (in general in the case of ongoing business relations) the price is calculating with the prices valid on the day of delivery.


EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. reserves the right to undertake partial deliveries on a reasonable scale and a 10 % variance from the shipment quantity shall be deemed in conformance with the agreement. In the case of call orders EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is authorised to procure materials for the entire order and produce the entire quantity ordered immediately. Changes requested by the customer cannot be considered after the start of order processing unless that right has been explicitly agreed in writing. EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. may refuse delivery if the customer has open liabilities, even if they are from previous orders. If, after conclusion of agreement there appear reasonable doubts concerning the credit-worthiness of the customer, EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is authorised to make the delivery contingent on payment of cash in advance or withdraw from the agreement. The entitlement to payment for services already provided shall remain unaffected.

Delivery Times

Delivery times are only binding if expressly agreed in writing. The term for delivery begins with the date of order confirmation, but not before the customer has submitted all required documents. If a deposit has been agreed upon, the term for delivery shall not begin before the deposit is paid. The delivery time shall be deemed met if the merchandise leaves the production facility before it expires or the customer has been notified the merchandise is ready for shipment. If the merchandise is not accepted by the customer, the customer will be invoiced for costs resulting from the storage of the merchandise after notification of readiness for shipment or at least 1 % of contract value. In addition, EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is entitled to otherwise dispose of the merchandise after a reasonable period. If EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is prevented from meeting its shipment obligations due to circumstances of force majeure, operational disruptions, delays in delivery or non-delivery of essential raw materials and supplies, labour shortages, strikes or labour disputes, the delivery term is extended to a reasonable extent, at least for the duration the disturbance. If there are unreasonable delays EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement completely or in part.


EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is not liable for damages resulting from improper use of products. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the suitability of the product is provided in terms of the use or further processing of the materials and chemical additives. The customer is obliged to establish the suitability of the merchandise on the basis of sample processing. The customer agrees in the case of further processing and transfer of the product to clearly state to individual customers the scope of permitted use and the hazards of improper use. EMR Shielding Solutions Inc. is exempted from any claims by third parties.

Product Disclaimer

Use of any of our products are solely at the user’s discretion to identify personal exposure to nonionizing electromagnetism of the strength and types believed (as of November 1996) to pose a possible health risk. Because any of our products may malfunction, the user’s responsibility is to determine if the meter is working properly by using it to measure a known reference. Manufacturer or dealer cannot assume responsibility for damages resulting either from a defective device (except to replace or repair said meter within the warranty period) or from inaccuracies in the present body of knowledge concerning the health hazards of electromagnetism.

The product should be used so that simple steps (such as moving furniture) can be taken to reduce relative exposure within a home or office. If more drastic actions are contemplated, consult expert advice and perform independent tests with another device or product.