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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)

ESI 24 Cell Phone Radiation Detector

$ 219.00

This unit at the forefront of technology can identify and evaluate SIMULTANEOUSLY and easily electromagnetic pollution LF and HF in its environment, at home or at work.

It will detect simultaneously:

. Low frequencies from 16 Hz to 3 KHz: electric field (V / m) Magnetic induction & Fields (nT).

. The high frequency (microwave) 50 MHz - 8 GHz power density mW / m².

 Visual indications on the device:

 1- magnetic and electric field, low frequency. Detection strip 16 Hz - 3 kHz.

 2- Radiation power depending on the frequency 50 MHz HF detection spectrum - 8 GHz, values ??in mW / m² (= Microwatt per square meter)

 3- following frequency radiation Power Mode "Full HF" (increased sensitivity) 50 MHz spectrum sensing - 8 GHz, values ??in mW / m² (Microwatt per square meter)

 The detection mode:

- It shows mainly the existence of electromagnetic fields in LF and HF.

- It is used incidentally to spot hidden a buried cable, diversion boxes and others.

The acoustic indication The frequency of sound increases with the intensity of the fields.

Optical indication by two LEDs of red lights at the top of the screen.

 The changes made compared to the ESI 23 are significant:

. Detection spectrum for high frequency expanded up to 8 GHz.

. Increased detection accuracy: 5 LEDs by level of pollution, electrical, magnetic and high frequency.

. New: Detection mode "full HF" with 15 LED detection.


. Model: E-SMOG ESI 24

. Detecting low frequency: 16.3 Hz to 3 kHz

. Detection of high frequencies: 50 MHz to 8.0 GHz

. Indicator lights: Light-emitting diodes

. Color LEDs: combination of one or more green LEDs, yellow, red,

. Beeper: dimmable

. Housing dimensions: 140 mm X 63 mm

. Weight: + - 150 g.

. Power supply: one 9V block battery - 6LR61

. Duration of use: 10 to 15 hours continuously

. Warranty: 1 year

. Design: German

User manual