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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

MK20 - Set of EMF meters for High/Low Frequencies

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Product Description

This set contains HF35C High-Frequency meter and ME3830B Low-Frequency meter in a rugged plastic case, allows an easy evaluation of the personal exposure to HF/RF and LF electromagnetic radiation, according to the guidelines and recommended safe values of the "Standard of Building Biology Measuring Techniques".  With the very useful feature of an acoustic analysis for a reliable identification of various HF-sources.

HF35C – RF/HF analyzer is for frequencies from 800MHz to 2.5GHz.  Very precise and reliable analyzer to identify the intensity and the source of RF radiation, emitted from transmitters, cellular antennas, cellular phones and etc.. It allows a straight forward assessment of the exposure, a determination of suitable remedial actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness.

ME3830B – Low frequency analyzer for electric and magnetic LF-fields, for frequencies between 16Hz to 100KHz, generated by transformers, high voltage cables, electrical equipment, etc.

An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength with “Geiger-counter-effect” helps identifying regions with increased exposure.
Both devices come with a mechanically stable antenna with excellent directionality, allowing a reliable location of the source of radiation. The meters are easy to use, designed specifically for non-expert users.

MK20 Set Features:

  • Reliable meters to evaluate radiation caused by GSM mobile radios, cordless phones, WLAN, radar surveillance stations and etc..
  • Digital display which shows the total exposure within measured frequency range
  • Frequency range: 800 MHz up to 2,500 MHz / 16 Hz up to 100 kHz
  • Measuring range: 0.1 μW/m² up to 1,999 μW/m² (HF35C) / 1 nT/Vm up to 2,000 nT/Vm (ME3830B)
  • Accuracy: 6 dB, 9 digits

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