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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only)

Woremor WM80 Self Adhesive Shielding Mesh Width 90cm

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*Note: To purchase a custom length of fabric, please add multiple quantities of the item to your cart. Each quantity counts a 1 linear foot in length. The amount ordered will be cut as a single piece unless specified otherwise.

The WM80 is a compact woven metallized polyester netting for the large-scale shielding of high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). Self-adhesive with electrically conductive glue.

For application on walls, ceilings and floors, the underground needs to be perfectly even. Wall paints, dry constructions boards, etc. need to be filled and sanded evenly. Afterwards you need to apply a layer of primer. The main use is shielding doors, window frames, boxes, cases, devices, machines and many other technical applications.

Technical data
Width: 90 cm
Length: By the foot
Attenuation: 75 dB
Self-adhesive with electrically conductive glue
Weight: 110 g/m² (without protective film), 220 g/m² (with protective film)
Material thickness: 0.095 mm (without protective film), 0.22 mm (with protective film)
Color: Gray / Brown
Tensile strength: 90 lbf
Materials: Polyester, copper, nickel, acrylics glue
Surface conductivity: 0.02 ohm (square resistance)