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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.
Faraday Cages, Bed Canopies & EMR Shielding Solutions

Faraday Cages, Bed Canopies & EMR Shielding Solutions

Recently, we’ve been getting more and more clients inquiring about Faraday Cages or materials that could be used to build a faraday cage. Therefore, as a company, we feel there is a need to educate our readers, website visitors, and customers on the history of faraday cages, what it is, and what we recommend to use to build a faraday cage.

A Brief History of Faraday Cage

Michael Faraday

Faraday cage is named after the scientist Michael Faraday, who coined this term in 1836. A Faraday cage is designed with the intention to block electrical fields by having an external electrical field that causes charges within the cage so they cancel each other out. The cages are designed to protect people and other materials from electrical charges, as it conducts current on the outside of the cage. The advantage of having a Faraday cage is that it shields the interior from the exterior electromagnetic radiation. The passing of radio waves within a Faraday cage is attenuated or blocked by the cage. (Reference:

How does a Faraday Cage work?

In order to understand how Faraday cages work, one must understand how electricity operates in conductors. Aluminum mesh is a conductor and has negatively charged particles known as electrons move around in them. The conductor has the same amount of positive and negative particles when there are no electrical charges present.

Electrostatic induction occurs when electrons with a charge opposite of the external charge are drawn to the object. Electrons with the same charge as the external object will repel and move away. With the externally charged object present, the positive and negative particles will be on opposite sides of the conductor. What ends up happening is that the electric field cancels out the field of the external object’s charge inside the conductor. Therefore, in the case of using aluminum, the net charge is zero. 

Although there is no charge inside the conductor, the electric field does have an important effect because it shields the interior from exterior electric charges and also from electromagnetic radiation, like radio waves. (References:

Where do you find Faraday cages in your everyday lives? 

Faraday Cages in everyday lives

People use Faraday cages for many reasons, they are used in lab settings, or in other products that we are exposed to in everyday lives. For instance, our car is like a Faraday cage. A lot of buildings act as Faraday cages, too, because they are built with concrete walls made with metals or wire mesh, and as a result, it interferes with wireless Internet networks and cell phone signals.

When we heat up our food with a microwave, it traps the radio waves inside the “cage” and allows us to heat up our food. Furthermore, TV cables help to maintain a clear image by reducing interference.

Utility workers wear a suit that resembles a Faraday cage, the suits are made with Faraday materials that allow these men to work on high-voltage power lines while reducing the risk of being electrocuted.

Moreover, governments build Faraday cages around their devices and telecommunication equipment to protect against electromagnetic interference.

Universities and corporations employ Faraday cages to exclude all electric charges and electromagnetic radiation, so a neutral testing environment is possible for conducting experiments and etc...(References:

Faraday Cages and EMR Shielding Solutions

Faraday cage

At EMR Shielding Solutions, we offer protection bed canopies or “faraday cages” that offer the optimal solution for shielding, reducing electromagnetic radiation and radio waves from coming inside of your bed. Our bed canopies are made with high-quality fabric that is sewn in Canada. EMF bed canopies are extremely permeable to air, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, and crease-resistant with the highest RF shielding performance. Depending on the material of the fabric that is used to make the canopies, attenuation ranges from 32 dB to 50 dB (at 1 GHz).

For protection against 5G, we highly recommend the WOREMOR 5G EMF Protection in the STL, The STL has been tested for up to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006. Additionally, the STL bed canopy shields from both high-frequency and low-frequency so you can actually ground the canopy with a grounding kit to shield from low-frequency radiations.

Another popular fabric that many people inquire about is the Naturell, which is a semi-transparent ecological cotton fabric for the shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). Typically applied as a curtain and not electrically conductive. This fabric is Öko-Tex 100 and 1000 certified, has an excellent cost/performance ratio, and is very easy to iron and process. Due to the nature and the transparency of the fabric, a lot of customers like the Naturell fabric to be made into protection canopies which are tested to have an attenuation of 38 dB (tested at 1 GHz). 

Lastly, the Voile fabric is a transparent fabric for the shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). A typical application would be an elegant net curtain or a bed canopy and is not electrically conductive. The attenuation for this fabric is 36 dB (tested at 1 GHz). The texture of this fabric is very elegant and slightly glossy, it’s made with crease-resistant polyester, and the grade quality is very high. For more information on this EMF protection canopy, please visit:

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EMR Shielding Solutions

Based in Toronto, EMR Shielding Solutions specializes in materials for shielding against EMF and RF radiation. We also offer many different meters, spectrum analyzers, and measuring equipment for detecting these electromagnetic fields in both high and low frequencies.

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