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How to Protect Your Home and Yourself from Smart Meters

How to Protect Your Home and Yourself from Smart Meters

Over the years, smart meters have become a popular replacement to traditional analog meters to read and capture information about electricity and gas use. Smart meters are convenient and save money, but what many homeowners don’t know is the amount of EMF radiation that these meters produce. In fact, smart meters emit the same radio frequency (RF) waves as cell phones and Wi-Fi modems. So how do we protect ourselves from smart meters? This article will explain several solutions that can relieve your concerns about smart meter emissions and you will learn more about smart meter protection.

 What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters are meters that are installed outside of our house to measure how much electricity and gas we use so that our utility companies can charge us accordingly. Back in the day, hydro companies used analog meters to capture how much electricity we use, but smart meters are now utilized for several reasons. 

  1. Smart meters are far more cost effective for hydro companies to install, as it will accurately transmit readings to them without having to hire employees to be physically present to read the meters on a monthly basis. 
  2. Smart meters can help homeowners save energy and cost on their monthly bills, so it saves money on their bottom line.
  3. Smart meters reduce the number of blackouts and system-wide electricity failures.

How do Smart Meters work?

Smart Meters work by transmitting powerful signals carrying cellular information to power lines and cell towers in order for hydro companies to receive this information in real time. Therefore, smart meters gives off radiation because of its effectiveness in transmitting signals to cell towers that are far away. 

Smart meters also come with an in-home display. This display gives homeowners and the hydro companies real-time usage info, including kWh use and cost.

Smart Meters & Health Issues 

What makes smart meters dangerous and problematic for our health is that smart meters communicate with each other wirelessly and they emit two different types of electromagnetic frequencies. The first one is the High Frequency radio electromagnetic waves and the second one is Low Frequency electromagnetic fields. HF electromagnetic waves are emitted by radios, Wi-Fi routers and microwaves. 

Low frequency electromagnetic fields have a strong impact on the human body if you are very close to it, as little as 2 feet away. On the other hand, high frequencies are fields that can travel over a longer distance. If a cell tower is 4 KM away, the waves can still transmit signals to it. Luckily, high frequency RF fields are directional and can be blocked with shielding equipment and film. 

What Kind of Effects would Smart Meters EMF Have on Humans?

According to the American Cancer Society, smart meters have not been studied enough to see if they cause any health problems. However, there have been studies done on radiation that conclude that exposure to large amounts of RF radiation, as a result of accidents involving radar, can leave someone with severe burns. Since smart meters emit radiation, this can be considered a serious side effect.

In the same study reported by American Cancer Society, one concern expressed is that the RF waves produced by smart meters could interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers. 

Furthermore, In 2011 the IARC which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified RF radiation as a possible carcinogen which means it can cause cancers in humans. 

Smart Meter radiation protection

How to Protect Yourselves and Families from Smart Meters?

There are several options one can choose to shield their homes and protect their families from smart meter radiations. Here are some of the best practices of smart meter protection we recommend.

Option 1: Apply Shielding Paint as a Smart Meter Radiation Protection

You can use the WOREMOR RF-IE50 to paint your walls inside the house to shield you from smart meter radiations. Although the paint is black in color, this paint can be used as a primer paint on the interior walls, and you can paint any colour over it with any types of paint. 

The benefits of the WOREMORE RF-IE50 paint is that it is highly efficient in shielding against high-frequency, RF, microwave radiation and low-frequency electric fields when grounded. This paint is highly breathable and provides up to 40GHz of protection. With the deployment of 5G, the WOREMOR RF - IE50 will be the perfect protection against 5G EMF. 

Option 2: Use Protective Fabric as a Smart Meter Emf Protection

You can also use a shielding fabric that contains strong silver to protect against high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency (LF). Usually this fabric can be used as a curtain, as a room divider in laboratories and medical practices etc. The Silver Tulle is contactable meaning it is groundable to shield from EMF. e This fabric texture is easy to wash and doesn’t lose any screening attenuation during washing.

Option 3: Use Magnetic Shielding to complement your WOREMOR Paint

The WMF-300 Magnetic Shielding complements the WOREMOR paint really well as it protects from RF levels but also reduces Low Frequency EMF levels. A lot of people buy this magnetic shielding film along with the paint because the duo will provide the most optimal shielding for your home. 

How to Measure RF Levels in your Homes?

Furthermore, you can use RF meters to measure the amount of RF levels you have in your house as a result of installing smart meters. The meters we recommend for high-RF measurements are the HF-B3G and AF-3500

The LATNEX® HF-B3G measures and monitors Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic field strength, and is capable of measuring in the frequency range of 50MHz~3.5GHz.

The LATNEX® AF-3500 multi-field EMF Meter is a compact device that can measure the electromagnetic field (3-axis), electric field, and RF strength. The AF-3500 measures high-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF) in a frequency range of 50MHz - 3.5GHz and low frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMF) at 50-60Hz.

What other options for shielding are there?

There are other solutions on the market where you can shield your smart meters. In our opinion, however, shielding a smart meter will only prevent the EMF from going in one direction (where the meters are facing) and not the other direction, which is going back into our house. Therefore, it may not cover all areas of emission. 

To conclude, smart meters are prevalent everywhere and most companies will not allow you to go back to an analog meter, so the best solution for us is to learn how to protect ourselves from smart meters RF and not having to worry about its effects on our health. 

EMR Shielding Solutions

About Us

Based in Toronto, EMR Shielding Solutions specializes in materials for shielding against EMF and RF radiation. We also offer a number of different meters, spectrum analyzers and measuring equipment for detecting these electromagnetic fields in both high and low frequencies.

Visit: for more information on our EMF shielding products & materials.


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EMR SHIELDING SOLUTIONS - September 14, 2021

Hello Charles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We highly recommend the Latnex AF-5000 Multifield EMF Meter. This meter is excellent for taking readings for both HF and LF sources. It will allow you to measure up to 10GHz under HF RF, and was designed for 5G. I hope that this helps.

EMR Shielding Solutions

Charles - September 14, 2021

What is the best emf meter to buy can anyone share this with me


Hello Jane,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The best way to shield from the smart meters in condos is with our Woremor RF-IE50 EMF Protection Shielding Paint. This paint is excellent for protection against HF RF radiation that would come from the smart meters. It will reflect the singals away from your condo. It is a simple application that can be applied with a roller or paint brush, and it’s 5G ready. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


EMR Shielding Solutions

Jane - June 3, 2021

Do you have any for condo use?


Hello Gail, The best way to shield against RF radiation is to apply the Woremor RF-IE50 Protection paint. This will shield you for the RF radiation coming from the smart meters. If you would like to give us a call I can answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us at 310-746-3686.

Gail Sitwell - January 4, 2021

I have 20 smart meters in the electrical/smart meter room which shares a common wall with my bedroom. I spoke with my strata council president and he suggested that we cover the common wall only in the electrical room. The smart meters are on the adjacent wall to the common wall we share or at a 90 degree angle to me. Which would you recommend putting on that wall – tin foil sheeting by the roll or a special paint? If one uses paint does it have to be grounded? How about foil, does it have to be grounded? I would prefer to use aluminum foil rolls. Does the foil work as well as the paint? Thanks.



Hello Peter, thank you for reaching out to us. When it comes to smart meters we tend to more recommend Woremor RF-IE50 paint over the covers. There are different ways to shield from your smart meter, and the solution can depend on the set up of your home. We encourage you to give us a call, and one of our technical support representatives will be more than happy to help you.

Peter May - December 7, 2020

I noticed you dont sell smart meter covers. There are several to choose from on internet. Do they not work?

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