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Here are some useful tips to prevent from Cell Tower RF radiation:

Shielding a home from cell tower radiation is reasonably straightforward compared to magnetic field shielding.Ideally, you want to create a continuous, highly conductive enclosure around the home. Any areas that are not conductive, even cracks under a door will most definitely allow harmful radiation to leak in. However, in a home environment, total radiation elimination may not be required. About a 90% reduction is required to reduce harmful health effects.

Depending on your needs after you have measured with an HF35C or HF32D meter, there are several suitable materials to use. Some materials are more appropriate for walls and ceilings, while other are better for windows. The higher the conductivity of the material, the better the shielding it will provide. Keep in mind such additional factors such as: durability, corrosion resistance, toxicity, ease of installation, appearance, and size.

For doors, walls, floors and ceilings, our conductive paints offer very good shielding and are very easy to apply.  You can paint over the conductive paint with a standard latex paint to achieve the desired color and to protect the conductive surface, as our paints come in a dark color.

You can also cover the walls with a conductive fabrics that we offer or if you are building a new home the fabric can be inserted between the drywall construction. Apply the fabric as you would a wallpaper, remembering to overlap slightly at the seams to avoid leakage. You can cover over the fabric with a standard wallpaper, paneling or drywall. You can use our fabrics to make curtains to shield the RF/HF radiation as well!

Also remember to provide proper grounding to each component which is not in contact with the others!
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Mike Camilleri - January 20, 2020

Hi Steve,

You are very welcome. We more than anything want to keep our customers informed and to help protect them from EMF as much as possible depending on there needs. We offer paint, window film, fabrics and many clothing solutions to tailor to your needs.

Steve - January 20, 2020

Thank you for this information, I appreciate your effort, please keep us update.

Mike Camilleri - January 7, 2020

Hi Arvind,

Best ways to shield from cell towers are EMF shielding paint HSF54/Woremor RFIE50. You can also use a shielding fabric that we offer called Naturell. It is a fabric that most people use as curtains. It comes in an off white color and gives enough transparency that you can still receive optimal amount of light.

Mike - January 7, 2020

Hi Sridhar,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding solutions for block EMF from cell towers. We offer a wide variety of solutions at great prices and would like to hear from you with what your exact needs are. Please reach out to us either by phone at 310-746-3686 or by email at

Look forward to hearing from you.


Mike Camilleri - January 7, 2020

Hi Arup,

We offer a very wide selection of shielding from cell towers. Everything from personal protection items (clothing, hats) to shielding your home to prevent penetration. If you visit our website you will find a long list of solutions. Please also feel free to contact us either by phone (310-746-3686) or email.

Arup - January 7, 2020

Require anti radiation solution emanating from mobile towers

Mike Camilleri - January 2, 2020

Ram we would be more than happy to assist you with all questions pertaining to EMF Radiation and shielding. You can reach us here by telephone at 310-746-3686 or by email at

Ram - January 2, 2020

Urgently need anti radiation solution in bangalore pls call 9886883531

Arvind - January 1, 2020

Mobile tower is placed just 25 metres away from our flat on fourth floor in Delhi.Need immediate price for installation of Anti radiation Device.

SRIDHAR - January 1, 2020

Required a solution from preventing Rf radiation from a cell phone tower 100 metres away from our flat , which lies in 2nd floor . Pl get me a sloution and quote immediate pursual thank you.

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