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The LATNEX MG-300 is a cutting-edge tool tailored to measure the often-overlooked electromagnetic fields with frequencies as low as 30 to 300 Hz.

This powerhouse can precisely quantify the strength of electromagnetic field radiation emanating from everyday sources like transmission gear, power lines, cooling units, home appliances, and even your trusty computer screen or entertainment system.

This meter steps up as a guardian, especially in crucial spots like hospitals, schools, and residential areas. By diligently monitoring and safeguarding against excessive electromagnetic waves, it ensures patients, infants, and seniors are shielded from potential risks.

Who Utilizes an LF-EMF Meter?


LF-EMF meter empowers individuals to make informed decisions about managing their exposure to electromagnetic fields for their personal well-being.

  1. Workplace Safety: LF-EMF meters are often used in industrial settings to assess the levels of LF-EMF radiation around machinery, equipment, and power lines, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

  2. Environmental Monitoring: LF-EMF meters can be used to assess the levels of EMF radiation in specific environments, such as residential areas, schools, hospitals, and public spaces. This can help identify potential exposure concerns.

  3. Health Concerns: Individuals who are concerned about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) can use LF-EMF meters to measure radiation levels in their living spaces and make adjustments to reduce exposure.


  • Large Bright LCD Screen
  • Data Hold (HOLD)
  • MAX Hold Function
  • Low Battery Detector
  • Over Load "OL" display
  • Long Battery Life app. 100 hours


  • Display: 3-1/2 digits LCD, maximum reading 1999
  • Range: 200/2000 mG,20/200μT
  • Resolution: 0.1/1 mG or 0.01/0.1 μT
  • Sensor: Single Axis
  • Accuracy: ± (2.5%+6dgt) at 50Hz/60Hz
  • Sample rate: 2.5 times per second

Meter Application: Sources of Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Emissions

Power Transmission and Distribution

Alternating current (AC) used in power lines typically has a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, depending on the region. These power lines produce LF-EMF in the vicinity of power lines, transformers, and substations.

Household Electrical Appliances

Various household electrical appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and fluorescent lights, generate LF-EMF when they are operating. The frequencies of these fields can vary depending on the specific device.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices like computers, televisions, and radios emit LF-EMF due to the operation of their internal circuitry and power supplies. The frequencies of these emissions are often in the low to mid-kilohertz range.

Electrical Boxes and Panels

Electrical boxes and distribution panels, such as circuit breaker boxes, are often sources of LF-EMF. These boxes contain wiring and electrical components that can produce EMF, especially when there is high current or when circuits are active.

Industrial Equipment

Certain industrial machinery and equipment can generate LF-EMF as a byproduct of their operation. For example, welding equipment and industrial motors can produce low-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Discover the Invisible with Precision

Low-frequency electromagnetic fields (LF-EMF) are produced by various natural and artificial sources. These fields consist of electromagnetic waves with relatively low frequencies, typically ranging from a few hertz (30 Hz) to a few kilohertz (300 kHz).

It is characterized by its magnetic component, which is typically measured in units of milligauss (mG). The strength of the magnetic field is influenced by factors like the amount of current flowing through wires and the proximity to the source of the EMF.

More Electromagnetic Field Meters

Comparison Chart MG-300 MG-2000TD MF-30K

Electromagnetic Fields

200/2000 mG,20/200μT

20/200/2000 mG,2/20/200μT

0-30000 mG,0-3000mT(milli Tesla)

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