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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.

Electro-Stress-Meter ESM-2

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People who are in electrical fields are live. The level of this tension is a measure of the stress acting on the body.

Our new development, the ESM-2 electric stress meter (successor to the tried and tested ESM-1, which has been in use for many years), measures this alternating voltage against earth using a handheld probe and shows its value digitally and is therefore easy to read.

If the measured voltage exceeds certain values ​​defined in the "Electrobiological Standard", it can be reduced to uncritical values ​​through targeted, usually easy-to-implement measures.

The ESM-2 always clearly shows the success of the respective measure and thus helps you to take the right steps.

The aim should be to reduce body tension to almost zero, especially in sleeping and resting areas, so that the people staying there are not tense and stressed, but can return to their tasks relaxed and recovered.

Direct display in millivolts (mV) • Measuring range: 0-20000 mV
• Broadband operating mode
• Detection sensitivity from 1 mV
• Illuminated display
• Built-in measuring tone

Made in Germany
All measuring devices are developed, individually manufactured and calibrated by ROM-Elektronik in Germany. This guarantees the highest quality standards, through which ROM-Elektronik can offer every customer a full 24 months guarantee for all measuring devices.

scope of delivery

• Electric stress meter ESM-2
 High- quality ready case
• Earthing cable with protective contact plug; Length approx. 3m
• Hand electrode made of stainless steel
• Operating instructions

User Manual