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Introducing the new Latnex MG-300 Gauss and Magnetic Field Meter!

Introducing the new Latnex MG-300 Gauss and Magnetic Field Meter!

Latnex MG-300

When buying a new home, it is extremely important to be aware of the levels of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that is being emitted, both inside the house and in the surrounding area. Common sources of EMF radiation include electrical transmission equipment, power lines, and certain household appliances (such as refrigerators and air conditioners); some houses are even built on top of electrical lines. Long-term exposure to this kind of radiation can lead to a variety of health problems, and even some forms of cancer. It is therefore crucial for both future homeowners and real-estate agents alike to be able to measure the amount of radiation that is present in the house or the surrounding area.

Since it is extremely difficult to shield against electrical fields, the Latnex MG-300 Gaussmeter is a vital device to have when you are getting ready to rent or purchase a new home. This Gaussmeter will allow you to be aware of the levels of EMF radiation that are present in a house or apartment you are currently viewing, whether they are caused by appliances in the house or nearby electrical wires. This way, you can make an informed decision and not have to worry about committing to a home that you later find out is in a hot spot of electrical fields and be forced to begin a time-consuming shielding process.

The MG-300 Gaussmeter is lightweight, affordable, and comes with both a carrying case and a protection boot to ensure your device has a long life. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Gaussmeter or EMF radiation in general; you can reach us by either phone or email (found below). If you are looking to move to a new house/apartment, or if you are a real-estate agent selling properties, then this device is a must have! We hope that this product will help you to live in a healthy, radiation-free environment.



Telephone (USA): 310-746-3686

Telephone (Canada): 416-583-2005

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