Shawn EMF ExpertFeb 12, '172 comments
Hey everyone,

We've been receiving questions on how people can avoid EMF exposure in their everyday lives, here are some tips:

-Sit an arm's length from your computer terminal.
-Don't let your children play directly under transformers or transmissions lines.
-Turn off your electrical appliances when you are not using them. This means unplugging them!
-Be aware of the levels in your home and whether or not you live close to cell towers or transmission lines or any other sources of EMF's.
-Be sure to shield your home if after measuring with a meter, high levels of EMF are indicated.

Does anyone else have any helpful tips they would like to share?

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Len Umina on Sep 5, '19

Is there a way to shield from 5g?

Augustine Rivera on Aug 30, '19

Could you provide suggestions regarding what levels of EMR are acceptable vs. not in a home if one were measuring using a detector?

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