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Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only) - Size and weight limits may apply.
Free Standard Shipping for orders over $30 USD (USA and Canada only). Size and weight limits may apply.


Stage 1: Preparation for Painting

- The surface must be primed or painted with non-oil based paint; this will ensure better adhesiveness to surface.

- YShield and WOREMOR EMF paints are conductive, and must be grounded as per electrical regulations. The first step is to place a grounding strap; we recommend the GSX-10 Grounding strap.

- We have a preference for applying the conductive grounding strap prior to the application of paint. Nonetheless, it is also possible to apply it after the paint, as it possesses conductivity on both surfaces.

- We only discuss grounding walls here, however in some cases the baseboard and ceiling will need to be grounded as well.

-Identify where you will eventually place the grounding plate. It is usually better to do this near the electrical outlet.

- Here is a diagram showing what the preparation for the grounding plate location will look like. You will start with the first grounding strap you placed (the longest strap in the picture). In order to provide more adhesive support for the grounding plate, place three additional straps (shorter in length) on the area where the plate will be installed. One strap should be horizontal, the other three vertical. Afterwards, the grounding plate can be installed. The grounding plate will be explained more in Stage 3.

- Please note: Grounding has no impact on effectiveness of the paint when shielding from high-frequency EMF or RF fields; low-frequency electrical fields may be reduced by grounding equipment, however this is not guaranteed.


Stage 2: Applying the Paint

- At this point the paint is applied to a wall; it must cover all of the exposed areas. The paint is applied as any regular paint and can be used with typical tools and accessories (e.g. paint tray, roller, etc). When painting near electrical outlets, about 1-2 inches should be left around each outlet to be safe. Since the paint is conductive, there needs to be some distance between it and any electrical wires.

- One layer of YShield paint will provide about 37dB attenuation; a second layer will provide slightly better shielding (about 44dB).

- Paint should be allowed to dry for 24 hours; YShield paint is only effective at blocking EMF radiation after drying.


Stage 3: Grounding

- We recommend using a YShield GS Grounding Plate for each wall that is being painted, even if it is a continuous wall.

- The grounding plate MUST to be installed by a licensed electrician


Below you can watch a video demonstration of applying the YShield EMF Paint to a bedroom: