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5G and Headaches - As 5G Expands, The Need for Protection Will Too

5G and Headaches - As 5G Expands, The Need for Protection Will Too

Are you prone to headaches? Nausea or weakness that can’t be explained? 

With 5G’s roll-out across North America continuing through the 2020 year, consumers are aware now more than ever of the ever-increasing prevalence of EMF and other electromagnetic pollution and their role in our daily lives and health.

5G’s introduction to the broader world is effectively the largest human experiment in human history, as millions of North Americans are and will continue to be exposed to high-frequency transmission from 5G towers.

In the face of a changing world, more and more people are exploring options to limit their exposure to EMF caused by 5G and other sources.  

Based on the product feedback from our clients, we have concluded that the headgear works well in terms of easing headaches caused by 5G.

Can you be “allergic” to RF Signals like 5G?

Reports of allergies or sensitivity to RF signals have existed as long as wireless technology itself. In many ways, concerns about radio frequencies are nothing new: concerns about frequency-induced sickness started in the 1970s. In many ways,5G RF technology has been growing as a public health issue alongside broader environmental initiatives of the time.

Incidences of RF “allergies” are grouped under a classification of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS study is still an ongoing process, and no true definition or qualified treatment exists for those who suffer from headaches, dizziness or fatigue as a result of EMF exposure.

How can you manage 5G headaches/RF headaches?

For many individuals, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) can be a difficult condition to manage, as symptoms can come suddenly and do not respond to regular medications..

Whether you suffer from intermittent or chronic headaches from 5G, there are a number of steps you can take now to limit your potential exposure to 5G radiation sources.

Limit Use of Mobile Devices or Change How You Use Them

Unfortunately, mobile devices and the convenience of constant connection are here to stay, There are, however, meaningful steps to use your phone, tablet, and laptop responsibly.

  • Limiting overall mobile usage during the day. The average American spends 3 hours and 10 minutes per day on a mobile device, often checking or rechecking social media throughout the day. Reducing overall usage is not only a positive health choice, it can build better work and social habits over time.

  • Turn off your phone and store it when not in use. 5G networks, unlike 4G, are constantly transmitting data in order to provide faster transfer speeds. That means that, even when your phone isn't being use, it is still transmitting and receiving 5G millimetre waves.

  • Consider taking calls with a headset to limit direct exposure of 5G signals originated from your phone. Airtube headsets are a great way to limit the risk of EMF exposure, using acoustic technology instead of wiring to use your device.
  • Use EMF-blocking protection tools that work with your device. Keeping your mobile phone in an EMF-proofed phone case and using a Protective Laptop Tray when using your PC can provide protection from EMF radiation when they’re in-use or in storage.

Try Wearables that Limit EMF and 5G Exposure to the Head

The head, brain, and nervous system are especially vulnerable to EMF exposure. Not only are most wireless devices designed to be used or around the head, studies have shown that 900MHz electromagnetic fields can damage the blood-brain barrier in rodents and may lead to cognitive impairment. 

To compare, 5G networks on the mid-band frequencies transmits between 2 and 3GHz, and high bands even further, up to 37GHz or over 37 times higher frequency than signals that induces irreversible brain damage in lab studies. Thus, protecting your head from EMF radiation should be an important consideration as 5G continues to proliferate. 

We recommend specialized materials containing silver and/or copper elements, that can provide effective shielding up to 50dB, or 99.999% effective protection against EMF radiation from 5G and other sources. The style of head protection is up to you, but protective head gear is available in Baseball Caps, Bush Hats and Bandanas to suit your personal preference.

5G Health Effects

Identify Environmental Risk Factors in Your Home and Vicinity

As 5G operates on much higher wavelengths than previous network generations, the transmission range of towers are very short, sacrificing range of signal for density of information transferred.

While outside of cities, tower placement can be expected to be similar or comparable to the current 4G network, dense city developments will favor higher brand transmissions, where effective range is about 330 meters (less than 2% of a 4G tower’s effective range.) 

As development on 5G tower is ongoing, the odds of living in close proximity to a 5G tower, and thus to its EMF radiation, will only increase -- especially for urban residents. 

Successfully protecting your home against 5G radiation can provide ongoing relief from outside sources of EMF, including:

  • A bed canopy or “faraday canopy” is among the best solutions for protection during the third of the day that you sleep. They are considerable investments, but are durable and permanent options that can be worthwhile.
  • Personal protection if you live close to a transmission tower. While options are many, it would be wise to focus on solutions for immediate relief of symptoms (ie. head protection for those prone to headaches from EMF or other sources).

Stay Conscious of your Health and Your Environment

Headaches can be caused by many factors and can have implications from benign to life-threatening. We simply do not know enough about the association between 5G, EMF and chronic headaches, but initial studies suggest that electromagnetic pollution all around us has an effect on our health.

Above all, we at EMRSS encourage you to stay aware and conscious of your health, your environment, and the presence of EMF in your life and your home. Understanding how these things play a role in our lives can help us manage the inevitability of new technology and the risks that accompany new technology.


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