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Free Standard Shipping on All Items (USA and Canada only)
Free Standard Shipping on All Items (USA and Canada only)

Lutron GU-3001: Precision Milli Gauss Meter

$ 659.99

This meter is useful for measuring both AC and DC magnetic fields. Easy to use with external single axis axial probe. Excellent range with great features including:

- DC and AC (40 Hz to 10 kHz) magnetic field measurement
- High sensitivity: down to 0.1 mG
- High range: up to 3000 mG
- Accuracy: ±(2% + 2 mG)
- N pole/S pole indicator
- Reads in mG or μT (toggle)
- Zero adjustment button (tare) for relative measurement
- Data hold function for freezing the current value on display
- Records Maximum and Minimum readings with Recall
- 1 second sampling time
- 3.5 mm data output jack

Uses 6 AAA batteries (not included).

* Measurement: mG (milli Gauss), uT (micro Tesla)
* Range: - 3,000 mG to 3,000 mG, DC/AC
     - 300.0 uT to 300.0 uT, DC/AC
* Resolution: 1 mG/0.1 uT.
* Sensor: High sensitivity gauss sensor.
* Data hold. Record (Max, Min), RS232/USB.
* 1.5 V battery (UM-4/AAA) x 6 PCs or DC 9V adapter.