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TriMag 3D Magnetic Field Meter for 10Hz - 200kHz (ELF)

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This broadband Meter for low frequency magnetic AC fields measures the magnetic field in 3 axis and calculates the square average of these. For the user, this means, that he doesn't need to  align the meter to the magnetic field, in order to get the best value.
Simply switch on the device and read the values!

Light weight and completely equipped the TriMag is ideal for professional or home applications. TriMag measures very accurately extremely low frequencies (ELF), which are generated by electrical appliances. Applications are possible like measurement of magnetic field emissions of a broad range of sources like PC monitors, respective screens, AC mains cables, office equipment, home appliances and all types of electrical and electronic devices.

Options on request: digital output and chart recorder output

Technical data:
Measuring range: 5nT - 42,000nT  (optional display in mG units possible)
Resolution: 5nT
Accuracy: ±5% typical
Frequency range: 0 Hz - 200 kHz ±3 dB
Calibration frequency: 50 Hz
Sizes: 150 x 85 x 30 mm³
Weight: ca. 250 g
Power supply: 9 V battery
Current drain: ca. 30 mA
Ports: optional serial and chart recorder output
Display: digital and analog LCD