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Free Standard Shipping on All Items (USA and Canada only)

UBBV2 RF Broadband Preamplifier 40dB

$ 2,599.00

Product Description

This product is perfect if you are having trouble reading weak signals or if you need to boost probe gain or preamplify the antenna. UBBV2 can be used anywhere a high gain, low noise amp is needed. It amplifies those weak shortwave signals and breathes new life into your analyzer particularly in the frequency range below 1GHz. Since it has a high compression point of almost 100 miliwatts, you can also use it to boost the power of small micro transmitters.

The UBBV2 fits directly to any Spectran unit and also works with any other brand of spectrum analyzers or antennas. It offers a vast frequency range and increases the sensitivity to 40dB. It runs with a battery or external power supply and comes with an integrated LiPo battery which lasts about 3.5 hours. This package also includes an international charger (110V/220V), adapter, thick aluminum housing (2mm), integrated calibration data on EEprom and a 10 year warranty. This versatile product is a must-have to go with any spectrum analyzer!

UBBV2 Features

  • Frequency range: 1kHz to 10GHz
  • Noise: 3.5dB (typ.)
  • Gain: 40dB (typ.) with "linear" fall off: 1MHz: 40dB; 3GHz: 37.5dB; 6GHz: 35dB; 8GHz: 25dB; 10GHz: 20dB
  • Max. power at RF input: +15dBm
  • Max. power at RF output: +15dBm
  • Input: 50 Ohm SMA (f)
  • Output: 50 Ohm SMA (m)
  • Weight: 146 grams